Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Rain II

The rain did not stop. I wish that it stops falling now. The miracle really did happen. My kids were almost present today. I wonder why they ever went to school with an unstoppable rain. I'm happy to see them. We did a lot of things but I miss those who are not around. I wonder why mother nature pours too much rain today I've heard there is a typhoon somewhere in Surigao. The streets are all wet and muddy. The latest outfit of the town are wearing jackets, boots, raincoats with matching colorful umbrellas but to some who don't want to bring all those stuff they just cover their heads with their hands, book and bag. I couldn't go out in the house with a heavy rain even if doing that is one of my ultimate dream. I easily get sick and my pneumonia might strike again if I ever do that. I just got to stay here and relax. Do my work and finish the pending ones. I got to do it now or else there will be no more time for me. Hi madz I'm ok i just hope I could catch up with all the deadlines. I would like to greet a Belated Happy Birthday to madz. May all your dreams and wishes do come true. thanks for the friendship.

1 comment:

puzzle said...

Thanks for the greetings Carms! I do appreciate it :D

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