Monday, November 09, 2009

What I wish

Sometimes I wish everything will end. Yet whenever I remember those people who fought and won in the battle called life I then refused to give up. I know I have been through a lot of pains and hardship in life and the fact is I always thought I could not survived by it but I did it. I have surpassed every challenge and problems I have encountered in my life. God is always with me and I thank Him for all the strength and endurance He gave me. In all my articles I always say "I" now I again came to realized maybe I'm self-centered am I? I started to question myself not again. I'm too busy thinking of my work and all that. I concentrate in the things that I should do I just came to realized I forgot to think of other people maybe not totally but almost at least I'm aware of it. What concern me now are my pupils. They are the only people I always talk with and share all my thoughts. I wish that they will be transform into better individuals and grow up to be mature and responsible being in this planet. If I'm here at home I watch over my nieces, I listen to my mother's sentiments, I deal with the issues of my brother and sister and I always see to it that I check on tatay everyday. There are things that I wanted to do in my family perhaps buy a new house for nanay that is what she wanted me to do, Give a two scholarship grants for my nieces, A whole supply of medicines for tatay and nanay and I don't know with my siblings they got their own life anyway. Sad thing because I still got to wait for the right time for me to do all those things maybe in the right time. I'm holding on to it. Basta God knows all I want and all I need.

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