Saturday, November 07, 2009

Thesis Proposal

Today I have a meeting with my former classmate who is already done with her thesis proposal. She is really amazing because she did her thesis as fast as she could. wow! I really admire her for that. Maam Lilian helped me out this afternoon in starting my thesis proposal. I wish , I want and I strongly aiming to start and finish my thesis. I'm kinda sick lately but I have no choice but to stay strong because I have a job to do everyday and a mission to accomplish. I just need more power ups and more rest for me to gain energy from within me. I thank God for a lot of blessings I have been receiving this year in spite of a lot of difficulties, insecurities and fear I have. Not to mention my battle against depression is really a tough job for me. God is here with me. I know that He is not leaving me to where I am now. Sometimes I'm giving up but as long as the sun is rising I have all the reasons to live and go on with life as what I'm always saying life goes on no matter what. Have a happy weekend my friend.


odds and ends said...

Go Carms! Be positive! :)

puzzle said...

Hi Carms, how's the Thesis Proposal? I know you can make it!

Keep safe,

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