Friday, November 06, 2009

sleepy me

I've been sleepy lately. I don't know but I felt that this is so strange since I'm not like this before. My parents are worried about me that there must be something wrong with me. My sleeping patterns are not in good condition. I slept so late and in between my sleeping time I sometimes woke up and then I'll be wide awake then until it's about time for me to go to school. This maybe the reason why I grow so big now my weight did increase again. I'm not fat anymore but I'm obese. I really feel as sleepy as in even if I'm busy my eyes would really fall. I need to have one whole day sleep but I don't have that day that is why after class I would take a nap and take a rest. I'm so busy that I would even forget to scratch whatever itch in my body. I wish to take a vacation for life and the fact is I'll be reporting to school again on a Saturdays because the reading tutorials has resume. I got no choice but to render my service or else there will be no tutorial in school.

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