Monday, November 23, 2009


The rain pours down again. I love rainy days because I don't need to use my fan to cool me. The advantages of the rain are first the plants will be happy, then temperature is not warm and I feel comfortable to sleep in a cold night. The worst part is flood, muddy and slippery road, landslide, brownout, disaster and there will only a few pupils who are present in my class. It is a raining here since Sunday. I feel so lazy and I wish that there is no class. Weird thing was almost all kids didn't report to the class. I hope a miracle will happen and I hope it will happen tomorrow.


Odds and Ends said...

I don't like the rain as much as I love the sunrise Carms...

A miracle will happen tomorrow Carms, trust Him!

Carms said...

I don't like it also madz if it pours too much. hhehehe

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