Sunday, September 13, 2009

Busy bee again

I got so busy again yesterday that is why I got tired today. I wish there is no class for me to rest. I have no choice but to report and stay normal as it is. I'm starting to think of options which I should do to my life. Today the priest said in the mass that we should know thy self for us to know our purpose here on earth. I know for sure that I'm meant to be a teacher but I wonder why sometimes I feel that I'm still looking and searching for something that really makes me happy other than teaching. I guess I just needed to tell myself that I'm doing well that I'm in a right track and that nothing is perfect. Whatever imperfections I'm experiencing right now are just obstacles in my path that I need to take for me to grow and be a better person as I should be.


madz said...

Just follow your heart Carms, and do the things that makes you happy. As for me, the barometer for leaving a job is when there's no more reason for me to be happy.

paulo said...

And so am I Carms, been busy at work lately. Just be happy in everything that you are doing. God Bless.

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