Saturday, September 12, 2009

Mysterious woman

Last summer our neighbor died of a motorcycle accident. I was surprised when they broke out the news because that same night I saw her and her husband riding with their motorcycle. I wonder why that happens but the weird part was that yesterday I actually saw a woman who physically looks like her. She looks like her I got scared because I knew for sure that she is already dead. I hope it just her look a like thing. I guess she wanted me to pray for her. I got stuck to where I was standing when I saw that woman taking a walk wearing a black shirt and a white jogging pants i felt weird maybe perhaps it was just in my imagination. I always hear and sometimes see weird beings but I was hoping that I will no longer feel their presence and be connected to them but no matter what they are here and I just got to let them be part of my life. As long as they are good to me It is ok with me.


paulo said...

You have a third eye Carms? I never wanted to have one. Maybe you should really pray for her.

BTW, sorry to hear that your sister is leaving for good. Nonetheless, just believe that you can still see each other and make sure to communicate with her everyday.

puzzle said...

Hi Carms, isn't it hard for you to sleep? That's spooky. As for me, I had dreamed of my late grandfather and late father before, during their burial, and it makes me hard to breath while I was dreaming.

madz said...

Hi Carms, how are you. It's raining here. I was suppose to join a fun run but refrain from going instead because of the rain.

God Bless.

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