Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thinking Positive thoughts

When things got so very depressing I always try to change it to different mode. It helps sometimes but sometimes it doesn't. I hope that everything will be fine soon. I'm not losing hope I'm still thinking that things will get better. Everything happens for a reason whatever that is I know it is for the better. My thesis proposal is still sleeping and trying to survive. I got to move now after this Division Science Competition I could now focus to it. I still could not find ways to insert it in my schedule but hopefully I could divide my time. I have to be positive that I could accomplish it before the semester ends. Things will change next week and I got to prepare myself. I have no choice but to accept that change it is for my own good. I know I will survive and I could adjust to it well. It make take time for me to be fully adjusted to the kind of situation but I know I will be fine soon. Pray for me


paulo said...

You never lose it Carms, that positive outlook. That's why everything seems to be easy for you.

Indeed, I am lucky for having the chance to travel. But, it could be more nicer if I have to travel for vacation rather than for work. :)

karim said...

An insightfull post. Will definitely help.

Karim - Positive thinking

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