Wednesday, September 16, 2009

the truth is...

I really know what is the exact root of the problem why kids are passive and it seems like they wanted to play forever. I wonder how I could let them see the good things in life that they could possibly achieve if only they will do good in their studies. The truth is... it is hard for them to dream when all they ever experienced is such difficulties in life. I can't blame them for not aiming high and for not doing well in their studies it is just the matter in how good I am as teacher to motivate them for them to do good and be better learners in school. The exposure that they got at home and in their community is more strongly would influence them. I can't force them maybe in time they will realized the value of education as they walk to their journey in their life. Transforming an individual is a process it is not an abrupt change. Everything happens in a right time.


madz said...

I guess Carms, it should all start within the child's family. As for me, I learned the value of education because my parents groomed me into a being like that. :)

paulo said...

I remember when I was small, I really don't want to go to school, he he he. But now, I really value education.

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