Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Reading Activity

Today I conduct an oral reading in English and Filipino. My kids got bored because they have to wait for their turn. I let them read individually. I found out that some of them are dyslexic, some of them are slow readers and some are non-readers. I could only pick kids that are good in reading. So sad but true. They need to practice and exposed themselves in reading. I can't blame myself in this situation but I got to do something about it. I've been busy lately of so many school activities I realized that I need to give time to them. I know I could do this with an extended patience and a little endurance. I need to work hard to achieve this I can do this I will do this. I'll help them improve how to read. I just hope that they are will to get help. God bless you.


odds and ends said...

Carms, yes, it is part of your responsibility. Pero syempre, dapat maging responsible din 'yung mga parents nila right? Take care! God Bless!

puzzle said...

Anyway Carms, I have to say that you really have a long patience when it comes to your teaching. God Bless.

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