Friday, September 04, 2009

Yes We Won!

This day marks history that We won in the Science Competition. Yes we made it in the Investigatory Project individual category. In the team we fail to make it. I hope that ate joy will not get disappointed to what happen. Anyway I did my part I guess everything I sacrificed is all worth it. In the sad part my quiz bee contestant did not make it to the first place they told me I should have let them help me but I know and they know for sure that it is their responsibility to review the kid and I am in charge to help the pupil for investigatory project but I just did the initiative to review the kid since July. I've been busy lately and they did not even bother to ask me. They did not even make a move to review the child. If it is really my fault then I just got to say SORRY. I hope I could forgive myself from committing such stupid mistake. I worked hard to review the child and help her in many ways maybe it is not yet her time to win the contest at least she got an experience. I hope I'll get over this I'm hurt of what happened. I just hope I could just forget everything about it.


odds and ends said...

Congratulations Carms! You did great. Don't let those bad words affect you. You did your best. By just that, you already win. :D

God Bless.

puzzle said...

Hi Carms, broas tastes sweet, just right. It is similar to egg nog.

I remember back in high school, I am also a participant in the Investigatory Project, but we failed to win. Nonetheless, I did my best.

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