Saturday, September 05, 2009


I got a very busy day. We have our launching of the feeding program and we officially start our reading tutorial. Me and maam Christine become an instant emcee. We didn't prepare any program it's funny because we don't know what to say hehehe. It went well and we end up successful today. I hope next Saturday kids will be all present again. I got sad of some pupils who were not able to join because I know that they are willing. Me and maam Christine are hoping to create a reading club for the non-readers and slow readers in the school. Hopefully our goal will be achieved soon. Have a happy weekend my friend.


odds and ends said...

Feeding program? Will be doing such charity work too this month Carms :)

puzzle said...

You sure make a great job Carms in being the master of the ceremony. God bless.

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