Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Loving Oneself

It's quite alarming to know that some people expect a lot from me. I felt so surprised and disappointed when I failed to reach their expectation. A friend of mine told me I'm not here to please anybody anyway and If i fail and succeed I should accept it what's important is that I did my best and I did not hurt nor step on other people's right. If people really love me they will accept me of who I am and what have become and accept my shortcomings. If they don't like me then I won't force others to like me back. Again what matters is that I'm true to them and I show them the real me. My happiness should not depend on what others would think and feel but rather I should be happy because I chose to be happy, I follow my heart not of what others dictate and expect of me but I follow my heart because I know what is right and good for me and that I love other people not because I like them but because I love myself more. I can't love them anyway if i don't love myself. (",)


madz said...

We definitely have to love oneself. And your friend is right, we cannot please everybody. But sometimes, we hurt ourselves just to please the ones we love to love. As for me, I love my bestfriend. Sometimes, I really felt sad, in pain, but, I don't want to expect something from him, as in friendship, I cannot demand from him right?

Rhaingel said...

That's true. You cannot give others what you don't have so you might as well love yourself first. Regarding to people who have high expectations from you, you know yourself more. So if you feel like you've done your best and that was everything, the disappointments is in them and what you have is pure contentment! Always be happy. :)

amiable amy said...

yes girl that is true..... happiness should not depend on others generally... salamat sa comments ha...unsa naman pud naka bother sa imoha?

♥peachkins♥ said...

your friend is right.I hope you're at peace and happy now.

Carms said...

thanks for the advise and comments I'm ok now

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