Sunday, May 31, 2009


Honestly, I've been bothered of my financial crisis but all I always think is that I could get over this. No threat to those who are reading this article I won't loan or borrow money from all of you. hehehe Today I really see to it that I'm going to hear mass after all my preparation for tomorrow. I'm ready now thanks to my father he let me borrow money. I was able to actually bought the things I needed in my room. When I went out to church a heavy rain poured out from the sky. I was really soaking wet. What's embarrassing I pass through the road where busy jeepneys passed by lucky me I'm still alive. I realized then that what I did was too far dangerous if I was being hit by vehicle. I'm home now thanks to God I'm safe. (Nagbaha gyud sa Gaisano as in)


madz said...

Oh, you must bring umbrella nowadays, it's rainy season. Well, I hate the rain, it makes me cry. Though, I envy the rain, it can cry without being noticed :)

puzzle said...

Hope you don't get sick :)

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