Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Speech

Imagine that I'm going to deliver my speech in a large crowd with a well decorated huge stage. here I go saying .... Good day to all of you. Today is the happiest day of my life. The moment that I have been waiting for. Yes! today is indeed a memorable one. After going through a lot of adversity, finally I have already pass my comprehensive exam. Yehey, the long wait is over. I already have won the fight. I fought a good battle. I've been through difficulties before I pass this exam. Last 2007, I failed to pass the 2 subjects out of the 10. I was almost devasted but I realized that everything happens for a reason and a purpose. I learned a lot of things from it. It taught me how to be strong, it taught me how to endure pain, it taught me how to have a strong faith and trust in God, it taught me how to accept defeat, it taught me how to love myself, and most of all it taught me how to be humble. It made me a better person inside me. It is life changing experience and turning point in my life. Before I couldn't imagine what life would be but I have survived it all. Now, I'm totally free from fear, worries and anxiety. I can sleep well. It is a new beginning that I have to face. Words are not enough to thank those people who encouraged, supported, and inspire me to win this battle. Thank you and God bless to my professors Saturnina B. Absin, Ph.D. and Lourdes G. Tolod, Ph.D who gave me the chance to pass the exam. To my parents nanay Letty and tatay Maeng who are there to support me and believe in me, My siblings Manang Pinky, Ate Lilet, Manding Mopsy, Nong Ian and Manay Tata for words of encouragement, To my Brother in law Petiak who help me in my statistics , To my aunt and uncle Tita Bella and Tito Liling who are always praying for me. To my cousins Honey, Manang Chic-Chic, Ate Dingcle, Ate Ann, Nong Bogs, Jun2x and Ronex, To my tita happy and tita coreen and auntie neneng. To my friends Ate Amy, Ate Joy,Donna, Leigh, Judson, Sowaira, Mary Lynne, Vanessa, Ate Janine, Rico and Delia. To maam Judith and Maam Micmic. A million thanks to all of you. Those people who help me in anyway to pass this exam.It feels like I'm in heaven. I know this is just the beginning of a new start. Welcome Thesis Proposal and Final Defense. (",)


madz said...

Congratulations Carms! And your speech is well delivered :)

Good luck and God Bless on your thesis proposal and defense :)

Carms said...

thanks madz God bless you too

aterhea said...

congrats carms...u did not and good luck to ur thesis writing.

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