Thursday, May 28, 2009

Fighting For Ones Right

People who are in the bigger positions in a company, institution or simply in an organization is always the last to decide whatever it is to be decided in a certain situation. A great leader must be fair, just, hardworking, honest, faithful, humble, has deeper sense of endurance, has moral values, responsible and understanding. Great leaders are serve as guiding light to all it's members. Therefore they must be role models in the organization. One of the most important thing he must practice is to have justice. Justice must always be prevail. In everything he does and decide there must be justice to it. But some leaders are corrupt they are taking advantage to their own interest, step on somebody's right and selfish in deciding some matters that needs to be discussed in a fair way. playing favorites and oppressing those who are their less favorite. I'm telling you all that If you felt your right is violated and you are being abused. Fight for it. You have the right to fight for your right. Doing this means that we are able to be agents of change. Changing the bad practice and making it right. I wish our future leaders are not like this and even worst when they become crabs to their co-workers. I hope that this does not happen in a real sense I hope its just in my imagination.

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