Thursday, May 21, 2009

New Generation

I wonder what happen to the world now. It seems that we have gone to far that almost everything has change. From fashion, relationship, gender and practice there seems to be a lot of difference that I could see around. What really bothers me now is that many young children are committing suicide. I wonder why suicide is just an easy thing for young kids to do. there are a lot of factors and causes why they commit suicide but I don't think that It is a solution to the problem. I don't think it is worth it. Life is beautiful bad things might happen and problems may come and go but suicide is not a reason enough to stop living. What young generation lack this time is endurance to endure pain, courage to face the problem and humility to accept failures. We all need to do something on this because this no big joke this is something to reflect on. For the young kids, if you have problems let your parents know about it, don't lose hope,be strong, pray and have faith in God. You are not alone. For parents guide, love and understand your children you have to let them feel that whatever happens you will always be there for them no matter what and for me as a teacher, I got to instill in my pupils that they must value life and give importance to it. Never give up the fight we might fail and experience trials in life but there are a lot of positive options to deal with it and solve the problem. Seek help, help yourself and Trust in God.


amiable amy said...

Well said teacher. I really like the thoughts in your mind. Share good ideas to others as always.

Oyy, musta na ang sunog sa Cogon? Na abo ba jud?

Carms said...

thanks ate amy

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