Thursday, May 14, 2009

Summer Heat

It's so hot in here. My fat is melting. It feels like I'm sitting beside the sun. Times like this i wish to have a vacation in the north pole. I think of things that makes me feel cool. Ice, ice cream, refrigerator, freezer, air conditioner, malls and halo-halo and lots of thing that is cold. I miss the cold breeze of the air. I Wish summer is over yet I have no choice but to seize the moment. The thing that i should be thankful are there is no mud on the ground, my wet clothes are going to dry fast, I got to enjoy outdoor activities and I got to go places with dry shoes. hehehe summer was used to be a lot of fun when I was kid as i've grown up i got to say before, I don't notice the summer heat but now i got to complain how hot summer is. I just got to enjoy summer this time it's the only time I have my 2 months vacation from work . Thanks April and May it's the time to enjoy the hot summer fever.

1 comment:

amiable amy said...

your fat is melting hahaha? joker man ka oyy...mingaw na noon ko sa halo halo diha

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