Friday, May 22, 2009

A Message To God (",)

Lord thanks for everything. I know that you know what i'm going through and what I have been through and yet you never left me eversince I was a kid. You are the ultimate One that I always cling to. I'm happy that You taught me how to be patient, You taught me how to love, how to endure pain, how to accept defeat, how to be humble , how to forgive and how to share. I'm sorry if at so many times I have a lot of shortcomings to You ,yet You always forgive and give me many chances to go back into your arms. You already knew my ultimate dream but sad to say I wasn't able to be the person I wanted to be I know that everything happens for a reason and from where I am today I know that you are the one who brought me here, place me here to fulfill a mission and be one of the agents for change and all of me is always a part of you. God without You I'm nothing and without You I'm sure I won't be surviving in all the adversities and all the storms in life. I love you and I hope that you will be always be with me forever.

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