Monday, May 25, 2009


Each and everyone of us has our own fear. It is all up to us in how we are going to overcome that fear. There are reason behind every fear we have but if we transcend from that fear and think that we are bigger than our fear. Surely we could overcome that fear easily but I'm sure that it takes time and gradual adjustment in overcoming ones fear and it will then involve how great is our faith in God. Honestly I fear to face my plight right now. taking that exam that really have change my life when I failed to pass it and now that I have retake it the more that I have fear in me. I've been experiencing a lot of truma in me but luckily I have survived and for this I hope I'll get over this. I'm not giving up but I'm ready to face whatever is the outcome of the exam. I still have faith that I'm going to pass the exam, hoping and wishing that this will be over.


madz said...

Whispering a prayer that may you pass your exam :)

God BLess!

Carms said...

thanks for your prayer madz

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