Sunday, May 17, 2009

I'm Back to Normal

Today is Brigada Eskwela I refuse to believe that yet when I saw the news it's really Brigada Eskwela today that is nationwide. Our Grade leader texted me yesterday telling me to report to school for the Brigada Eskwela and for a meeting with our principal. I'm back to school. Fix everything and clean up the mess. Have our one half day meeting for the enrolment. Plan for enrolment procedures and posting names for pupils for this school year. I'm still trying to convince myself that I'm ready because i still wanted to have my vacation hehehe anyway that is life. I got to get ready for a new bunch of kids for this school year. I'm hoping this batch is good and intelligent. As always every year I always got the most energetic pupils in the whole campus. It's a challenge that I have to take anyway every year what's new?, maybe new strategies in discipline styles, new technique in classroom management and new methods in teaching. I got a tough job in here. I'll make sure to have that new stuffs for my kids. I'm positive about that. I'm praying that I'll do my best this school year.

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