Thursday, January 21, 2010

Blowing the burden down

I'm praying today that everything will be fine. Thinking of the heavy thing on top of my head lets me suffer from headache. So all I did was to stop thinking about it. I focus myself in all the requirements I need to accomplish and all the things I need to finish. After lunch I slept and I only woke up when I need to time in the afternoon. I let myself free from that burden why should I run from it when it is there I should face it no matter what. I have no choice but to face it. I have to be strong. If can't run from it then I have to face it. I know that this too shall pass with God's help He will help me and save me. I thank you madz for your advice it makes me feel better.


kakara said...

hope everything will be ok soon.. :)

MinnieRunner said...

Your are most welcome Carms :) God Bless!

CaptainRunner said...

That's a nice attitude. If you can't run from it, then face it. God Bless!

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