Monday, January 11, 2010

kids, kids, kids

Hi friends I feel sleepy but before I sleep just wanted to drop some thoughts and things to share to you. I thought visitors are going to visit us today in school. As always they did not show up again. I'm not feeling well today. I even thought of not reporting to class today but I did not. I need to be present in school today because their third quarter exam will be next week and I have with me some keys of other classrooms. I feel exhausted. Kids are fine today naturally some seek attention and some just wanted to do nothing but exchange ideas with their classmates. I didn't have that stressful scenario today just right they all cooperated with me for the fact that they knew that I'm not feeling well. I wonder if the visitors will be coming tomorrow. I just hope not. I'll be going for a meeting in the afternoon tomorrow. kids will be very happy knowing the news that our class will be only in the morning. kids wanted to have more long vacation than going to school. All they ever wanted is to have fun and play under the heat of the sun. kids, kids makes me laugh when I remember that before our class starts they are already on the go chasing their classmates then after class they still play again and before going home they still got that energy to chase their classmates. I wonder if they ever get tired of running, jumping and chasing their classmates. Thinking of all the pressures they have in school. Pressure in understanding the lesson and passing all the test in school, pressure conforming with their friends, pressure in playing the role of being a son and daughter to their parents and pressures of being a sibling. I'm thinking to make kids more comfortable and to have fun learning in school. To lessen their pressure and to maximize their emotional intelligence so that in this way they would be able to cope with all those pressures and survive with it. I got to do something but I'm starting it anyway just need a little more time. I wish to create a school someday which kids no longer wanted to have a vacation when could that be maybe in the year 2060 hehehehe.

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odds and ends said...

Carms, well, kids do love playing. When I was still young, all I hoped for was the dismissal. There is one time when I am really waiting for the dismissal that I failed to join the closing prayer. As a result, my teacher had my mom be at my school the next day. I don't even got the chance to bring home my bag and lunch box for I left it in the classroom. I just run for joy that the class ended, he he.

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