Sunday, January 17, 2010

Feeling Blue

I don't know why I feel sad today. I got a lot of fears and doubts. I know if I'm not going to think of it, I'll be free from all the worries and issues that is in my mind. Anything that happens to us is just a creation, imagination in our minds and just something we can't help but thinking which leads to reality. The more we are thinking of the things we don't want to happen will happen because are minds are focus on it. As much as possible I always wanted to think positive. Everyday will get better and everything is ok. Whatever happens there is always a reason and purpose. God will never give us those trials which we cannot resolve. The only thing I need to think is that problems are part and spice to our life. I need to have faith and trust in God. Holding on to what is true and that is God loves each and everyone of us. If we experienced pain, sufferings, problems and loss there is always a reason for it. It helps us to be more strong and to learn how to live our lives. I remembered when my pupil told me that he hates his life. He told me that there is no God because he ask me why God permits their house to be burned. I told him that have you seen the difference before and now? What are the changes you have observe after that sad thing happens? At first he was so angry he told me that they have a bigger and a comfortable house before and now it is the opposite thing. He kept on saying all the things he wanted to say until he realizes that his family having a smaller house becomes more closer than having the bigger house before. I was waiting for him to say a word when suddenly he burst into tears. After that conversation he was changed. I never heard him complain and he starts to believe that God truly exist.


odds and ends said...

That was a wonderful story Carms :)

CaptainRunner said...

It was a nice reflection Carms. :)

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