Sunday, January 10, 2010

My Favorite things to do

Here are the list of my favorite things to do..... 6. Read books. I love reading books. I wanted to imagine to place myself inside the story especially if I'm reading adventure and mytery stories, 5. I love to share my thoughts to others sad but I have no one to share it right now just only here in the blog world because everybody is busy to listen to my blah, blah thing 4. I love to go to church and visit God sad I wasn't able to be there today because I'm not that feeling well only yesterday when we celebrate the Feast of the Black Nazarene yes I was there I saw Jesus pass by our house and it's kinda awesome because when I saw him I don't know it moved me to tears I can't explain that. Honestly I believe that He really do grant ones wish, heals ones pain and He gives more than what you ask for. 3. I love teaching the kids and working with them especially if they understand and learn what I'm teaching them. the thing that I really want to do is to sleep that is the #2 thing I wanted to do. I feel comfortable and happy when I sleep. Funny but true I always look forward to sleep. My favorite part of the day is night time and my #1 is I love to cook for my family for breakfast. I only cook breakfast on weekends because I got to rush things on week days to avoid tardiness in going to school. I'm happy when my mother got her rest day from her daily routine. She wakes up early for me everyday, she prepares my breakfast and even my lunch, She see to it that I brought with me my umbrella, and see to it that I didn't miss anything. I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank nanay letty for helping me out everyday. Inspiring me to do my best, encouraging me to go on with life and best of all guiding me to the right path like tatay maeng also is doing to me. I love my parents. I wish that I will make them happy and proud. Have a nice day my friend enjoy life.

1 comment:

odds and ends said...

Carms, I don't read books, he he he. I'm more of a viewer :P

I also got this blog as my shock absorber.

Well, faith can really move mountains Carms.

I also wanted to sleep :D

I love to cook to Carms, making experiments on recipes I found on the web =)

We both got the best mother in the world!

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