Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Flat tire

I'm so sick. I have a hard time getting up in bed because of my body pains. I was absent from my class today. I got my mahiwagang asthma, body pains, colds and cough. Good thing was I don't have fever. The whole day I was just sleeping in my bed. I just sleep and take the whole day rest. I hope I'll be fine tomorrow. I don't want to be absent again. I've heard that we have a new madam in school. I know her and I think she is good. I hope she will be good to us. Somebody told me that my kids were asking why am I absent. I think that is a surprise for me i thought they would be happy if I'm not around. I still got the feeling that they are enjoying the moment that there is no class today hehehe. Sorry for them I'll be reporting tomorrow no matter what.


Paulo said...

It is alright to take a leave Carms. Don't push yourself :) I know your colleagues will be taking care the things that you'll left behind.

odds and ends said...

Carm's, I'm a little bit sick to, some kind of fever. But I am trying not to take a leave off from office until tomorrow. Hope I can still get the energy to get going.

Take a good rest and get well soon. I'm pretty sure the students are really concern about you :)

Carms said...

hi madz and paulo I still went to school but I'm quite fine now. thank God God bless you too

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