Thursday, January 07, 2010


Everything is a surprise for us. The office did not told us that next week will be the mahiwagang evaluation week for us. I was shocked when I found out the news but what makes it good is that I still got the chance to complete all the missing thing in the classroom. I'm not in favor of this in fact they told us last year to prepare and we have been waiting for them to come yet they never showed up. I got pressured thinking of what may happen if they will come and I'm not ready it's a sad and negative thing to think of anyway. I'm struggling now just don't know why I feel too lazy to do my work and I feel there is really missing on it. I will try to put things back and think that everything is fine. I feel tired already. I think I'm sick I need to see my doctor for me to found out what is wrong with me. This too shall pass my friend. Have a nice day


CaptainRunner said...

Whenever you feel tired. Take a small break. It will re-energize you. God Bless!

odds and ends said...

I'm pretty sure Carms na makakaya mo 'yang evaluation na 'yan :)

God Bless!

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