Saturday, January 16, 2010

Busy Saturday

I'm so busy today. I thought I would have less work since there are only a few pupils who attended the tutorial due to a rainy weather. The National Achievement Test is fast approaching. All teachers are task to be reviewing the kids every Saturday on subject that are assigned to us. I'm not supposed to handle any section because my schedule is not for today but for next week but since one teacher was absent I replaced her on the spot. I wasn't able to have any review and any preparation they just gave me something for me to go over with a few minutes then discuss and explain it to the kids. It is a nose bleeding experience since the subject is for grade 5 lesson. I'm not so quite well versed on the topics in grade 5 but I have background knowledge of it. Lucky thing I was able to recall everything. I'm tired since my job is doubled I have to monitor the tutors and tutees plus they let me handle a about four sections with the help of some of my college students in NSTP. I'm ok at least I was able to help those pupils who need my help. The best lesson I ever thought of today is to be humble and that nobody is perfect. Have a happy weekend my friend. God bless.

1 comment:

MinnieRunner said...

Hi Carms, I am just digging in you archives and see which ones I haven't read yet. As always, you were the superteacher I always know. God Bless.

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