Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It's Raining Again

There is a low pressure area the Eastern Mindanao that is why we experienced a heavy rain and a cloudy sky. We only got one and a half day class because of my meeting in school. It rained so hard that I got soaking wet. I'm not feeling well right now. I got my asthma attack, colds, and cough. I wanted to be absent but I'm not going to. I need to work and teach the children. Speaking of the kids, They were really excited to go home because when I went back from the classroom they already clean and arrange the room ready for them to leave.Kids will do everything for me if I have something to give them. Kids are kids they love to play and rest instead of going to school. Timing that this afternoon the rain comes out again I'm pretty sure some of my kids played and danced in the rain and some they probably have their rest and stayed at home. I hope to see them tomorrow with complete attendance. Have a nice day my friend.

1 comment:

odds and ends said...

It also rained here Carms. Take a lot of water so to cure your colds :)

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