Monday, June 22, 2009

Events of the day

I wake up early today and normally I'm early in school. Kids were ok and I guess they love my discussion because I used the storytelling strategy they did not know that I actually made the story impromptu hehehe. I did relate it anyway to our lesson and they really find it amazing. I used some sound effects and change my voice to each character, that was hard but I did it. I'm happy because looking into their eyes I could really say that they are listening. Tomorrow is another day I got to think again of some gimmicks to motivate them to focus and listen well. Hopefully they will develop their love for learning. I found out that some of them are really physically present but mentally absent. I don't know what they are thinking because from the moment I ask them they would just stare at me. Frustrating somehow because no matter how good and innovative is the strategy I use, still they don't respond well to it for some pupils. I got to discover which strategy fits them. It' s a challenge to our part as teachers because as what they always say if the pupil fails then they always put us to blame. I strongly believe that it's not fair but I just got to do my best and make a difference and walk an extra mile to help these kids learn and become better individuals. Have a nice day my friend. Enjoy life.


puzzle said...

Wow, you really can change your voice? That's great, and that would really capture a pupil's attention. :) God Bless Carms!

madz said...

Yes, teachers should not be blame if the students fail. It's a 50-50 situation right?

God Bless in your thesis.

paulo said...

A salute for a teacher like you :)

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