Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I'm simple but compilcated. I'm free but focus. I'm light but physically I'm heavy. they think I'm happy go lucky kid but I'm serious. I smile all the time but deep inside my heart is bleeding. I laugh and make people happy but I'm still searching for real happiness. I got few friends but all of them are true. I love my job even if I'm tired of it. I got simple dreams and I wonder why I'm still waiting for it to come true. I always think that life is not fair only to find out that I fail to see the brighter side of it. I always fear rejection only to ask myself, did I ever accept myself of who I really am? Now, I learn to love myself, know who I really am , what I ever wanted to do and trying to solve the unresolve issues in my life. Love yourself my friend that is the secret.


Yen said...

There are are things that are hard to explain yet we are in acting. thanks carms for sharing your feelings today

madz said...

Very positive Carms. I love reading your posts as it creates positive atmosphere :D

puzzle said...

Yes Carms, we really have to love ourselves first before we can give love to others.

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