Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Special Kid

Last March 2008, It was the first time ever in my career that I have let a kid fail and repeat the grade level. I don't want to fail her but I don't got any choice because she really can't read or she is not fit to go to the next level. I was actually talking to her mom that time and she was writing on the board. Her mom was worried that her dad might not accept the fact that she is going to repeat grade four while we were talking I look at her and read what she was writing on the board and simply It says there I love you teacher carmela and she even draw a heart around it. My heart was really aching because there will be no one to save her except her. I already have given her a chance and yet she failed to fulfill the chances I gave her. Now, she is back in my class giving her very best to pass grade four. I hope that she will improve this time. I Don't want to fail kids no more. I Just wanted her to move and grow as she should be.

1 comment:

puzzle said...

Oh, that's the hard part of being a teacher. I guess you just did the right thing. Or else, she will never learn.

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