Wednesday, June 17, 2009

School Life

School was fine today. I got a lot of activities in store for the kids. I guess they are enjoying it anyway. I got the time to check on my special kids. I hope that they get better everyday even if everyday is a just another new start for them. I'm wishing to let them pass grade four this school year. Hopefully they would be able to cope with the requirements in a grade four class. This is their second year just hope they would progress now and be move to the next level. I don't really wanted to fail them but it's just that rules are rules I got to follow the rules. They just got to do their very best now. I'm praying that they will pass. (",)


madz said...

That's probably my problem why I don't want to be a teacher Carms, I really never wanted to fail my students.

puzzle said...

Just got curious Carms, what subject are you teaching?

Carms said...

Hi puzzle I'm teaching science, english, Epp and Character Education.

hi madz, I'm really hurt when I knew that they are going back to grade four puwede na sana ma-pass kaya lang hinde talaga puwede. huhuhu

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