Sunday, June 21, 2009

Spices of Life

My day is ok except that I have a lot of things to accomplish. I got to prepare for tomorrow. I love the lecture of the deacon this morning it's telling us that each and everyone of us has our own trials and difficulties in life that shaken and frighten us but if we only put our trust in God and have a big faith in Him, there will no reason for us to be worried and afraid in facing the challenges in life. Problems are just a part of our lives it is like a spice in a dish that without it the dish would just taste as ordinary as it is and without problems life could be somehow boring. It's but natural to have problems the only thing that we need is not only to have faith in God but to stay positive all the time, be hopeful that things will get better, hold on to whatever we are clinging right now and never give up. After all when the storm is gone everything will be put into place, there is always a rainbow after the rain and that we may not be the same person as we are then but we will become better individuals inside us. God bless you my friend. Life has to go on no matter what happen. Smile and spread love to everyone.


puzzle said...

A very positive outlook :)

madz said...

I haven't been to our church yesterday, I went on my angel's kapilya. There's a small program on father's day there, and I can't help myself but cry :)

paulo said...

Agree! Life has to go on no matter what :)

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