Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Favorite Foods

Popcorn is number one in my list. In all different flavors natural to barbeque I really love popcorn.
I love Embutido

I eat a lot of chocolates imported or local yummy!

Ice Cream is also one of my favorite especially during summer.

My all time favorite Lugaw

I always wanted to eat a lot of food. I consider eating as my hobby. No doubt about it. It really does show in my size. In my elementary years I used to be so thin but when I reach high school there I started to grow big. I'm asthmatic but there was a point in my life that I wanted to eat,eat and eat later did I know it's an effect reaction to my body of the medicine I take. I'm ok with it now before my size is a big deal to me. Now I don't really care as long as everything is normal my blood, my sugar, my cholesterol and etc. Above are my favorite foods. I wanted to share to it to you my favorite food. I hope you will like this too.


gab's mom said...

we share a lot of favorites. esp chocolates!!!! yummy!!!

your pictures are really nice, made me wanna have a choco bite. LOL!

madz said...

Nagutom naman ako Carms, gusto ko rin nyan lahat, pero idagdag ko sa list mo ang Pasta, especially 'yung Pesto :D

puzzle said...

PopCorn = Chef Tony's
Chocolate = Cadbury's Dark Chocolate
Ice Cream = Pistachio and Cashew/Chocolate Almonds/Caramel Cashew
Lugaw = 'Yung nabibili sa paradahan ng tricycle sa amin :D

'Yang din mga gusto ko :D

paulo said...

Hi Carms,

My family sells embutido in the market. Kami lang ang gumagawa, gusto mo umorder? Joke!


amiable amy said...

hinay hinay lang girl hahaha

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