Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cool School

School was fine today. I'm happy because I did achieved my tasked. the kids were ok. Working today was quite inspiring just don't know why I used to be so lazy and tired of going to work but today was different. I even arrived in school in a very early time. Maybe because this batch of kids are good and they don't give much headaches like last years batch. I hope they continue to be good until last day of school. Although there are a lot of requirements to be fulfilled but I'm positive that I could met and finish all of them. I still have my thesis proposal that I need to focus with. I still got blank papers to start with my write up don't even have my title yet. I still couldn't have the guts to go school facing my professors presenting to her with blank pages. I'll just take things at a time I'm sure I'm going to finish the thesis proposal this month. Hopefully God willing. God bless you.

1 comment:

puzzle said...

Hi Carms, glad that you did well at school today with the kids. Oh, thesis! I hate it, ha ha. Well, with God's help, you'll get through it. God bless!

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