Friday, June 05, 2009

My Cousin Honey and Moments last March with ate lilet, darl, manang chic-chic, ate ann-ann and Jun

Me, Honey, Ate Lilet, Ate an, darl and Manang Chic in Penang Shangrila Plaza
busog au ko dri hehehe
Manang chic-chic, Me and Ate Lilet in Edsa Shrine
Ate lilet, me and Darl Ocean park Manila
Honey, jun-jun, me and darl at Shalom

Darl, Honey and Me outside Mall of Asia

I'm excited to see my cousin. She's coming tomorrow. We are all going to attend the wedding of our cousin. This event just happens once in a blue moon, when we gather together as relatives and families. We seldom see each other since she move in Manila to work there as a call center agent. We are in same age and we were both classmates in grade school. I can say that she is my close cousin. We have same wave lengths, same status in terms of love life, same choices of food when we have food tripping walk not to mention our favorite takoyaki and sing-a-long sessions. Being with her is really fun. We can talk anything at anytime. Since we are both busy we seldom communicate exchange text messages and traditionally i her call on the phone on Christmas and New Years eve. Just last March I went to visit her in Manila. Above is pictures taken last March.


sweetham said...

mukhang namang happy kayong lahat :D

Carms said...


amiable amy said...

nagsuroy diay mo sa Mall of Asia ha..try gani ang Jerry's resto, lami ayo ila food...anyway,ang akong blog nga wala nimo na apil sa list...palihug ko ha? add na nko imo 2 ka blogs sa ako tanan nga blogs.

Jadu Saikia said...

nice pics.

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