Friday, June 26, 2009

Thursday June 25, 2009

I wasn't able to have my article yesterday because I'm sick. I'm so tired and there are a lot of requirements I need to pass. Finally I've pass them all today. I got so irritated in class because they are starting to show their real self. I think that is ok at least if I don't like their real bad attitude I could stop it this early. The only thing I could be proud of them is that they can behave like I wanted them. I need to sacrifice in disciplining them so that they would really know that I mean what I say. One thing I learned from a successful disciplinarian is that always be consistent in everything. I lack that I know that I lack that because I always consider them in many ways. Now, I'm starting to be consistent always trying to stick on the rules. I'm just waiting for the time that I'll be totally well maybe that time I could really bond with them and create more activities that would make them learned about a lot of things about life. I guess I do really need to rest. I still didn't start my mahiwagang thesis proposal. I need to start now otherwise I'll be too late again. God bless you my friend


amiable amy said... naa ko tag imo diri...

that is okay girl, just flow with the current

Yen said...

thumbs up tlga ako sayo! even if i dont teach i know how it feels like when childs in the class dont behave, nakakainis kaya yun. magkakasakit tlga ako pag ganun. take care carms. thank you for the tags and award.

odds and ends said...

Always be consistent in everything -- that's really hard to achieve Carms.

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