Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Busy Bee

I'm busy in class today. I got a lot of paper works to do and many pending papers to check and record. I don't know where to start but I just got to prioritize the things that are important and needed tomorrow. I'm slowly discovering the real attitudes of my kids. Sad thing many of them are spoiled brats. I try to fix that attitude. I don't like spoiled brats in my class. It irritates me. These kids wanted me to please them all the time. I let them realized that they are not the only kid in my class. I reminded them that not all of what they want should be followed. they must be aware and sensitive to others needs and presence. They need to adjust to the class. They should know how to conform to rules and that they must consider other's opinion. I understand because of the kind of family background they have. It's really hard to adjust in my part because I got to slowly explain to them what they should supposed to act and behave. tough job but I know I could do this help me God. Have nice day my friend.


paulo said...

Very tough job Carms! The students should know all of those to prepare them in the future.

madz said...

Hi Carms, I can't imagine myself dealing with spoiled brats. God Bless!

Carms said...

It's really hard.

puzzle said...

Been busy too lately Carms!

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