Monday, August 03, 2009

Busy bee me again

I've been busy lately. My father got sick. I hope and pray he is fine now. School was ok. i need to paint my classroom tomorrow but I need someone to paint it for me. My co-teacher ate joy gave birth to her first baby last July 30. She ask me to edit the work of her kids for the investigatory project. Me too is also preparing one kid for the science quiz and investigatory project contest. This will be my first time handling it alone without ate joy. I'm not good at this but I will try my best to do this job. I'm super busy this weekend because I'm going to handle a skills training for the tutors in XU-NSTP LTS. I'm excited already even if I'm not yet ready for the things that I need to prepare. Madam is pressuring me to make my kids all fast readers. I'm worried about my three specials kids but i hope they can now cope with the lessons in grade IV. Nothing is impossible if we only believe.


odds and ends said...

3 special kids? I thought isa lang Carms? Anyhow, ang dami mong things to be accomplished! Don't forget to relax sometimes :)

paulo said...

I too, am busy recently Carms. Have a great day.

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