Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Sad Day

I'm one with my fellow Filipino people who mourns and bid goodbye to tita Cory. I can't help but cry because maybe I know what she have been through in life and how she survives and endure all the pain and challenges she have encountered. That is life after all and at least now she is there in heaven she can rest and be with her beloved. School again tomorrow I got to prepare a lot of things for tomorrow and for Saturday. I feel a little bit worried of this investigatory project. I got to have that courage to handle it. I've been so dependent to ate joy and now that she is on leave I should learn how to stand on my own. I got to start praying now and start working before anything got worse. I'm positive about this task that I could surpass and accomplish this. I'm sure about it. I just got to stay focus and just take things at a time. Tatay is ok now thank God. He just needs to rest for awhile because he is still under medication. As what I always say life has to go on no matter what. God bless you my friend


odds and ends said...

I cried to for the death of Pres. Cory. At least now, she can no longer feel the pain of her medications.

You're in-charge to handle the investigatory project of the kids? That sounds great Carms.

paulo said...

Kahit lalaki ako Carms, naluluha din ako sa pagkamatay ni Tita Cory.

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