Monday, August 17, 2009

I'm not feeling well

I've been sick for four straight days now. I don't know what curse or virus has gotten in me. I really feel so weak. Wish I could do something to make me feel well quickly. I've been worried thinking what the kids are doing now that I'm not around in school. I was thinking of going to school but I'm still weak. Wish I could go to school tomorrow and fix everything that I need to fix. I'm praying that everything is ok that I could accomplish everything that I need to do. I just felt that there is a negative force that ruined my positive disposition and turn everything into a jinx and it just happen like a chain reaction. I always believe that everything happens with a purpose and that there is always a reason for everything whatever that is I wish that it will be for the good and not for the worst. wish me well my friend.


paulo said...

Carms, maybe you just have to get a rest, that's why. Hope you're well now. God Bless!

madz said...

Hi Carms, hope all is well with you now :D

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