Sunday, August 30, 2009

Long Holiday

I find it relaxing to have a vacation but thinking of what is going to happen in the week days is not as relaxing as what I'm thinking. I have a lot of things to do again and I need to rush things or else I'll do nothing. I'll do it tonight. I'll fix everything I need to fix. I will finish all tonight. I'm now ready for other chapter in my life. Looking back the last year's experience was a storm for me but it made me the person I am now. It's was difficult to face all those adversities I have faced last year. I never thought I would survived but I did I was always saying that I could not endure everything but lucky I have surpassed it. Now I come to realized that God would not give something we can't resolved. It was a turning point in life. I hope everything will be fine. Happy Weekend


paulo said...

I had a great weekend Carms. Well, of course, I spend it with Madz. We find it fulfilling chatting about how our love all started :)

puzzle said...

As for me Carms, my long holiday included my participation in the Tatakbo Ka Ba event :D

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