Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Still Breathing

Yes I'm here. I wasn't able to post yesterday because I'm tired. I'm still trying to adjust to my busy work in school. I'm ok now. All I did was just to trust in God that He will guide me and direct me to whatever things that I'm doing right now. It feels good to trust in God. My depression is still here but I should not be carried away because if I entertain it then I will not accomplish anything. I'm ok I can manage. Smile and be happy carms. School was ok. Normally I got to scold kids, teach them and guide them. The spoiled kid is getting more immature. Gradually, he will learned things in a hard way because he chooses to. It is his choice anyway. I'm trying to lead him to the right path and do things easy for him to cope with his life but he chooses to do his way then be it. Maybe in that way he will change and realized what he should suppose to do. I did my best and for sure I'm not giving up. I never give up on kids like him. All pupils I handled who have this kind of attitude problem never miss to learned to change their attitude when they are going to the next level I won't allow them to behave that way. I don't know with this case he seems to be so immature and childish. Anyway I'm still positive and hopeful that he will change. God willing.


paulo said...

I do admire how positive and God-fearing you are Carms. Keep it up!

odds and ends said...

Being a teacher really means being a parent. I can see it with your posts Carms. :D God Bless!

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