Sunday, August 23, 2009

Lazy me

I've been trying to recover my strength from my illness. I have my whole day sleeping session and I have all the time to relax and think nothing but sleep. Now that time is over all I need to do now is to work again and think of the things I should suppose to do for tomorrow and for the whole week. Life has to go on. I may wish to rest a little longer but I have to accept the fact that I should keep going for work. There is no more time for relaxing. I got to prepare for tomorrow's lesson. I know and I'm sure that everything will be ok and successful tomorrow. Think positive all the time. It works and it's effective.


madz said...

Hi Carms, you know, sometimes I am thinking that sickness is a blessing in disguise, for we got to rest (sleep all day and think nothing). Otherwise, we'll keep on abusing ourselves by working, and working more.

Glad your'e okay now. :D

paulo said...

Yes Carms, being positive will surely make a difference. I don't have the luxury to be lazy now. I can't afford to have another late, or else I will get a memo.

puzzle said...

I am lazy too most of the time, he he.

Carms, do join the contest, it's is just a game of luck :D

I am now scared of horror movies, don't want to watch any, he he.

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