Thursday, August 20, 2009

I'm ok now.

Things got mixed up these last past few days especially when I got sick. when I went back to school, things got totally change. My responsibility got too complicated now and it becomes more harder and bigger but I got no choice but to do it and finish it. I got to talked with our Congressman for the feeding program for the tutees of the NSTP tutorial. I'm not used to talking with people in position anyway I think yesterday is history. I'm back now I wish I'm ok forever and whatever happens I should always put in mind that God will never leave me as long as He is there I will never be shaken. Thank you God


Dana Telecom said...

happy to hear it. :D

newb said...

glad to heard that

paulo said...

Glad to hear na magaling ka na Carms. Wag masyadong magpapagod, baka magkasakit ka ulit. And remember to drink plenty of water.

puzzle said...

I am not used to talking to people with position too Carms. I just love to hide myself here in my blog :D

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