Saturday, August 08, 2009


I'm done yes! at last the skills training was over. I'm so impressed with my two student volunteers they are really good. The XU-NSTP students were very good too. I think that this batch is ok. They are smart, intelligent and serious I hope that first impression last. They were very excited for next Saturday. They say that they learned a lot of things from me I too have learned from them. Nice! The investigatory project is done already all I need is to create the presentation for the exhibit and contest. I hope I will be able to cope with the pressure I'm facing right now. I'm positive that this too shall pass. I got the chance to chat with my sisters last night. I'm so happy chatting with them. My niece sophia sang a song for me. She does got potential. I miss them but I have no choice all I have to think is that at least I have the chance to talk to them. God Bless you my friend.


madz said...

A job well done teacher Carms!

paulo said...

Siguro mana sa'yo si Sophia when it comes to singing? :)

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