Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Science Project

I finally got the chance to talk to ate joy. I'm glad that she is ok as well as the baby. I'm working on the project right now. I wish this too shall pass. I feel irritated with my mouth sore. I hope this too heals because I got discomforts in talking and also in eating. It is very painful. I got to change my sleeping patterns I only got a few hours of sleep these days. I find it really hard to adjust. I'm still hoping that everything will turn out fine. School was ok today. I'm glad that children are ok too. I wish that they could answer all the questions in the periodical exam tomorrow. God bless you my friend.


madz said...

God Bless you too Carms :D

paulo said...

You have to get enough sleep Carms. Most of the time, it's the reason why we get sick.

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