Friday, August 21, 2009

Project 101

The investigatory project we are making is finally done. Sad to say I still have one more project to do. I'm have to start it on monday. Tomorrow I'm going to continue with the skills training for the college students. Next week will be more busy than this week because the tutorial participants should be carefully selected by me and my new partner teacher Christine, madam and the barangay worker then next Saturday will be the first meeting tutorial sessions. i'm exhausted really but I just got to have strength now that what I truly want to happen is now slowly come to realize funny because before I was just dreaming now I'm actually achieving it already. I'm tired but I just got to continue. It's God's will and I need to help them so that together our goals will be fulfilled. Have a happy weekend my friend.


paulo said...

You seem to be very busy Carms. Take it slow. Galing ka sa sakit, baka mabinat ka. Anyway, ako rin busy, have a lot of paper works to do as well. Buti nalang cancelled 'yung trip namin to Cebu.

madz said...

Hi Carms, I remember during my high school, my investigatory project had been chosen to compete with the other year levels. Wish you God Bless in your projects :D

puzzle said...

Have a happy weekend too Carms. It's gonna be a long weekend :D

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