Thursday, August 06, 2009

School Work

Help me! help me! I'm swimming to a lot of task this week but I just go to take it one at a time. I'm hooked with a lot of work. Kids are getting in my classroom even if I'm not their teacher but it is ok as long as I can do the task. I just got to continue praying and working that things will get better. I have to work till Saturday to finish my task. I have to prepare a lot of things for the skills training this Saturday. Wish me luck. It's our first time to meet this Saturday I hope this batch of college students are ok and good. Every year when I have this class I always got nervous in meeting them especially that I don't know them and what kind of students they are but at the later part I got to know them and adjust to their attitude. I'm wishing that this tutorial sessions this year will be a successful one and that many children will become a reader after the school year ends. God bless you my friend.


madz said...

I won't be wishing you luck Carms, but rather may God Bless you on your tutorial. I know everything will be okay :)

paulo said...

Ako, pinag-iisipan ko pa kung papasok ba ako sa Sabado o 'wag nalang :D

nuts said...

goodluck Carms! God bless..

cheap flights said...

Enjoy this is a part of your life, do the best, someday you will miss this part, good luck for u.. :)

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